Toddler kilt


Our toddler kilts, like all the kilts we make, are in 100% wool tartan. As anyone with a toddler knows, getting them to stand still long enough to dress is a challenge at the best of times, so to give you a helping hand, we have velcro on the under apron, and a buckle and strap on the over apron. The buckle and strap prevent your wee one taking the kilt  off at an inopportune moment!

To help with getting the fit just right, have a look at our FAQS page.  Contact us before ordering if you are unsure about sizing.


Our stock tartans are listed here, and are always available for purchase, but please see the product description below for any other tartans.

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Our toddler kilts are made with the same 100% wool tartan as all our kilts from newborn size to adult.  As our kilts are all made by a traditionally trained kiltmaker, we can make the kilt to suit your requirements.  This can be particularly important if you want your child kilt to match any adult ones that you have in the family.

There is more than one way to pleat a kilt, so if you want the pattern to match any other kilts, please let us know, and preferably send us a photo (to

We can make a kilt in any clan or district tartan (and many others too).  The ones above are always in stock, but please contact us with your requirements and we will give you an individual quote.  Most tartans can be obtained within a week, and can be turned into a kilt within a few days of that (depending on the time of year), but please give us as much notice as you can, to ensure we have the best chance of getting your tartan in time.