Royal Mail price increases

We are always looking to improve our service, and so, with the Royal Mail price increases which came into affect on 1st April, we are re-thinking our mailing options.  We would be grateful for any comments that customers have, on what they look for in a mailing service.


The first option is to stick with Royal Mail Special Delivery for toddler and child hire outfits, which would cost £11 each way for a hire outfit (which costs £45), bringing the total for a hire to £67.


To us, the benefits of Royal Mail are that they guarantee next day delivery by 1pm, and if you are out, the local depot is not usually very far away.


The second option is to go with a courier, for example, MyHermes charge £5 for delivery each way, but it’s a 2 day service, with no guarantee of when it will arrive.


The next cheapest Next Day delivery that we have found, is £10 each way, from TNT, but delivery is not guaranteed, just expected within 1-2 days.


The third option that we have thought about is re-structuring pricing, and bringing our prices more into line with other kilt hire companies, who charge in the region of £65 -£95 for toddler/child hire (not including postage).  postman patOne example would be to charge £55 for kilt hire, and £12 for postage all inclusive – we would provide a pre-paid envelope for you to return the outfit back in, but you would get the benefits of Guaranteed Next Day Delivery and a local depot to collect the outfit from, if you were not at home at the time of delivery.


We are very keen to ensure that our valued customers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, not to mention my home area of the North East of Scotland, the Highlands and the Western Isles, can continue to enjoy the same level of service as our customers in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Central Belt (where we can usually offer delivery options instead of postage), and so, we would be very grateful for customers, and potential customers, to give us their views on which of the above options they would be happiest with.