Photography fun

Unco-operative boys at photo shootThey say, “Never work with children or animals”.  Well, we left our chickens at home, so that should have been a good start.  As you may have noticed, our new website is under construction, and the latest bit to work on has been product photos.

We previously had two great photo sessions for some new pictures, the first in Kelvingrove  Park with photographer Tom Donald of (who also happens to be my uncle).  One of his specialities is architectural photos, and he also takes an impressive portrait, so we asked him to help us with a kilt shoot a few months ago.  One of my favourite pictures from that day is being used as our Twitter icon, and in publicity materials, but some others from that day can be seen on our Facebook page.  Tom’s photography always makes you look at things (including kilts) differently.

The second photo shoot was with Euan MacKinven, a model from The Model Hub, and photographer Mareike Murray of MM Photography.  As a recommended wedding supplier of Oran Mor’s, we used their fabulous venue for the shoot, along with the cobbled Ashton Lane for some outdoor kilt action.  The number of children outweighed the number of adults, and only the promise of lego, along with the experience of Mareike, stopped the whole thing turning into an outing from the Zoo!

I have dabbled in photography over the years, but have a mental block about the words ‘aperture’ and ‘focal length’.  When we happened upon the Dreghorn Photography website yesterday, offering studio hire for a very reasonable price, we decided to give it a shot ourselves.  Stuart at Dreghorn set up the lighting for us, to suit the style of shoot, and taught us lots about lighting as we went along.  I was going for simple product shots, rather than anything particularly creative, and I am pretty happy with the results, but just as I expect our lovely customers to pay a reasonable price for hand sewn luxury products, I also fully appreciate the reason why you pay a decent price for a good photographer (unless you are related to them!)

While it was great fun playing with the camera settings, and trying out a few things, three year olds with ants in their pants, and toddlers who want to model in just a nappy and refuse to put any other clothes on, despite the best efforts of my other half, led me to having slightly more grey hair by the end of the afternoon.  Next time, I might just bring the chickens.  In for a penny and all that!