Kilts on a sunny day

We’ve had a significant number of customers recently who have been flying off to sunny parts for weddings, or other celebrations.  Finally, we are getting some sun at home here too (long may it continue), and so a concern for our customers can be that a kilt may be too warm.

Casual kilt hire outfit

Casual kilt hire outfit


Have no fear though – as a natural material, wool is capable of keeping you cool in summer sunshine, and warm in the winter.  Wool lets your skin breathe, unlike some modern fabrics, but also acts as an insulator when required, a bit like a thermos flask!


A popular choice when travelling abroad is our casual kilt outfit which includes a light-weight Jacobite shirt, along with shoes, socks, kilt, and sporran.  Smart enough to stand out from the crowd, but great for keeping cool on a cruise, or in the Caribbean as our recent customers have told us (getting jealous as I type).


Child kilt hire is £40 plus postage (if required) for the jacobite shirt outfit. Email to book.