Bare Knees’ new website

Kilts may have come to prominence in the 19th century, but Bare Knees firmly belongs in the 21st century, and to that end we’ve been updating our website and modernising our pictures.


On a practical level, this means less photographs of my husband and more photographs of a male model. Whether or not this improves the look of the kilts, I will diplomatically leave you to decide! However, it was great fun to spend a day on Glasgow’s Ashton Lane for Bare Knees first professional photoshoot. Flick through the different pages to enjoy the new images – if you look hard enough, you might still spot a few members of the Young family!


I’ve been working with two Hyper Island students, Jesper Bröring and Jenny Hughes, to introduce an e-commerce element to the website, and generally something that is more fun, user-friendly, easier to navigate and better reflects what we do at Bare Knees. I’m still making the final adjustments, so do have a nose around the site and let me know what you think.