St Andrew

Scotland’s Trade Fair Spring 14

We exhibited a couple of weeks ago at our first Trade Fair at the SECC.  It was an excellent showcase of some exciting Scottish businesses, and looking around, we were dreaming of the gift shop we would have in other circumstances – I think most people were.  But the reality of business is that it’s […]


It’s been an exciting few months for Bare Knees Kilts. As well as meeting loads of new customers (which is one of our favourite bits), we’ve been featured in a number of magazines. Firstly we appeared in the Scotsman magazine, then Best Scottish Weddings, and most recently, the Scottish Wedding Directory.  We really appreciate the […]

A busy summer

Since we have had such a busy summer, and have devoted almost all our time to sewing kilts and getting our hire packages ready, we have decided to change our blog page to a news page.   This will allow us to share shorter excerpts of news with you all, rather than waiting until we […]

Casual kilt hire outfit

Kilts on a sunny day

We’ve had a significant number of customers recently who have been flying off to sunny parts for weddings, or other celebrations.  Finally, we are getting some sun at home here too (long may it continue), and so a concern for our customers can be that a kilt may be too warm.   Have no fear […]

Royal Mail price increases

We are always looking to improve our service, and so, with the Royal Mail price increases which came into affect on 1st April, we are re-thinking our mailing options.  We would be grateful for any comments that customers have, on what they look for in a mailing service.   The first option is to stick […]

Photography fun

They say, “Never work with children or animals”.  Well, we left our chickens at home, so that should have been a good start.  As you may have noticed, our new website is under construction, and the latest bit to work on has been product photos. We previously had two great photo sessions for some new […]

Made by Mums With Love

As parents of a five, three and one year old, one of the best presents that my husband and I received for Christmas, was a cinema voucher – a rare treat these days.   As a lover of musicals since first being enthralled with the swirling gingham dresses in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, at […]

Bare Knees’ new website

Kilts may have come to prominence in the 19th century, but Bare Knees firmly belongs in the 21st century, and to that end we’ve been updating our website and modernising our pictures.   On a practical level, this means less photographs of my husband and more photographs of a male model. Whether or not this […]